Are you struggling with your real estate marketing strategy and you don’t know why? Or are you a newbie in the real estate industry that want to get off to a good start? Whatever you are, in your path, Instagram can help you get the results you deserve. Have you already hooked with so many platforms that are taking up your time? If yes, it’s very important to understand the potential of each one and what they are best used for.

In this article, I will be discussing the most important thing to do to make your real estate marketing work on Instagram and how to strategize your business and help develop and build your brand.

No doubt in the fact that Instagram has been considered as one of the most influential social network all over the world. As of January 2020, there are nearly 1 billion monthly users on Instagram with almost daily 500 million active users and an average of 4.2 billion like button hit per day.

Let me start by stating the basic steps to follow in building your real estate brand on Instagram:

  1. SETTING UP BUSINESS INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: Create a short, snappy biography about your company or brand. The bio will tell the followers or viewers what the company is all about in a catchy way and also arrest their interest. This means summarizing what the company deals with/what the company is all about in a way that reflects the image you hope to present, for example “At the Estate Code Nigeria Limited, our innovative home delivery strategies and proficiencies will be deployed to give you the best in terms of looks and taste.” HASHTAG #ESTATECODE.
  • CHOOSE A USERNAME AND PHOTO THAT CLEARLY ILLUSTRATE WHAT THE COMPANY IS ALL ABOUT: This means you can use your photo; it can be the company logo, banner, or even some of the company’s properties. Using of what the company does as a picture is also another means of making the followers get more ideas about the company, e.g a luxury home for rent, a piece of land for sale and more. All these illustrate what the company does and make them believe they are safe to patronize the company.
  • CREATING GREAT INSTAGRAM POSTS: simply means the post of eye-catchy information about the product you want to advertise or market to the company followers. A write up that will arrest there attention. In other words, it must be focused on a top-quality visual.
  • USE EDITING TOOLS TO MAKE YOUR PHOTO MORE APPEALING: To make your followers create interest in any of your properties photo you upload. It must be edited so as to give it a quality look.
  • FOLLOW THE 20/80 RULES OF SELLING: That been said your focus should not be only on selling your product but the general rules of marketing on social media suggest that only 20% of your post should ‘sell’ your products. The other 80% should focus on quality content that engages followers and does not directly focus on your products or services.


Promoting the town not just the property: This means the client will want to know a little history about the town like the history of the light, water, security and more. More so, the client will want to know the good, bad and ugly side of the town.

  1. BE YOURSELF: This means you don’t have to copy anybody or any brand. You must always try to be unique in your marketing strategies at all time.
  2. EDUCATE YOUR BUYER: It is necessary to educate your buyer about the property he wants to purchase in order to assist him in making the best decision. For instance, if they are purchasing acres of farmland, you can also advise them on what they can do or plant on the land.
  3. CHAT WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA: chatting with your followers or responding to their questions will give them the mindset that your company is responsive and reliable and they can do business with you.
  4. RESPOND TO COMMENTS (GOOD AND BAD): You must always respond to your followers comments (good and bad). This is also part of what is expected of social media marketer, so you have to give them good responses that would make them to confidently patronize your properties.
  5. AVOID SIMPLY SHOUTING ABOUT YOUR HOME LISTING: You don’t have to just market your homes only but other products you’re selling if there is any. For instance, you can market your home decors.
  6. NEVER ASSUME YOU ARE ONLY CONNECTING WITH FIRST TIME BUYER: Always assume you are connecting with old clients. Talk to the client like you have been connected for long.
  7. DON’T IGNORE YOUR EXISTING CLIENTS: sticking with an existing customer means you have gain his trust.


SELECT A FEW PLATFORMS AND STAY CONSISTENT: A good realtor must have a few platforms where clients can reach him and search for his properties. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the company website can be really helpful in this regard.

PROMOTE MORE THAN YOUR PROPERTIES: sharing and posting success stories of your clients can help you to connect with your audience on an emotional level and also consistently engaging them with the graphic, written and as well as video contents is also a best way to go. 

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