Estate Code Nigeria Limited: Properties for sale and rent

Are you looking for spaces or properties that are either for rent or sale? You’ve come to the right place because us here at Estate Code Nigeria Limited have you covered. There are plenty of listings that you can check out on this website. 

To learn more about these listings, you can browse through the website or contact our team through our various official channels. This can be through our hotline, website form or various social media accounts. 

Properties for sale

It’s a wise decision to purchase a home as soon as you can. There are plenty of advantages to having a property that you can call your own. With this in mind, peruse our listings to find which property will suit you best here in Nigeria:

5 Bedroom Duplex

Description: This property has five bedrooms in total with two whole floors that are spacious enough for your family members. You can even subdivide this into spacious apartments with their own bathrooms if you want to rent it out.

The kitchen is fitted with cabinets and other appliances that you can utilise. However, this duplex only has one shared kitchen. 

Land size: The size of this complex is around 1,400 square metres which can accommodate families of 3 or more. Moreover, the bedrooms can also be retrofitted to become an apartment. 

Asking Price: The price of the property is at NGN 500 million. 

4 Floor Office Complex

Description: If you’re a company that’s looking for a space to purchase, this is the right complex that can suit your needs. It has four floors with large floor spaces that you can customise for the benefit of your operations. 

The pipings and electrical wiring are still in good working order so you can move in as soon as you want to. 

Land size: The whole complex is sitting on a land area of approximately 1,500 square metres. This means that each floor has the same size or smaller than that. 

Asking Price: The price of the property is at NGN 1.5 billion.

Properties for rent

If you’re looking for a place to rent out, you’ve come to the right place. Us here at Estate Code Nigeria Limited can provide you with affordable complexes, flats, duplexes and apartments that can fit your budget. 

Browse through our listings to find if you have something that can fit your needs:

2 Bedroom Flat

Description: This flat is perfect for families looking for a spacious place to live in. It’s complete with 2 bedrooms with personal bathrooms for ultimate privacy. The flat also has a kitchen, living room and garage that has enough space for a family of 3 or more. 

This place is semi-furnished with large appliances as well as furniture including closets, drawers, bed frames and many more. You can move in as soon as you would like. 

Land size and asking price: The flat is around 800 square metres with an asking price of NGN 2.7 million annually. 

8 Bedroom Duplex

Description: Looking for a place in Nigeria that has enough space to fit a number of people in one complex? The 8 bedroom duplex might be the perfect solution for you. It has 8 bedrooms complete with their own bathroom and kitchen that can accommodate a family of 3. 

Land size and asking price: The flat is around 1,700 square metres with an asking price of NGN 15 million annually. 

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